What we can do for you?

List and sell products without ever having to buy inventory up front or pack and ship orders.

We handle full order on your behalf while you concentrate on the marketing aspect. You sell your items in any eCommerce platform, We find your items, We fulfill your items, and we keep you updated!

China Sourcing

GSRDropshipping manages your production from inquiry to delivering to your doorstep. We provide a full range of services from sourcing existing products to manufacturing for your company.

Packing Customization

Your products will be packaged according to your packaging. gsrdropshipping repackages your products by adding the boxes or bags you specify, bringing a special touch to your products.

Order Fulfillment

12 to 24 hours fulfillment for stocked items,We understand the struggle when dealing with damaged and lost parcels and provide quick solutions and a customer-friendly refund policy.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

We offer seamless integration with:

Dropshipping Custom Packaging for Ecommerce stores-logo&brand&private label

As a professional dropshipping agent, we offer different kinds of custom packaging, bags, boxes,thank you card and stickers,etc.

Tell us your demands and let’s work out together!

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Our goal is to provide you with the best resources and services in the industry.

GSRDropshipping provide professional dropshipping solutions for e-commerce businesses worldwide, including product sourcing, quality control, global warehousing, branding & customization, blind dropshipping, automatic order fulfillment, fast delivery worldwide, and after-sales services.


Office & Warehouse

GSRDropshipping will be leveling the playing field, enabling dropshippers to have a REAL business by helping you establish your own

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • Customer Friendly Refund Policy

  • 12 to 24 hours fulfillment for stocked items

  • Effective Quality Controls

  • Automated Order Management System

  • Affordable Branding Solutions

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